• Bar Policies

    Bar Services
    Great Events Catering of New Hampshire is fully licensed to provide alcoholic beverages for its clients and reserves the right to deny beverage service to anyone they feel is intoxicated or who are not 21 years of age. Should you desire bar services, we have a variety of different options available to best suit your events needs and budget.

    Basic Bar Package: We provide cups, ice, mixers, garnish and all soft drinks for a per person charge of $6.95. We will also provide a bartender to dispense the wine, beer and spirits that you provide.

    Complete Bar Package: A full bar set up is available to you at a price of $200.00 for a four hour timeframe. This set up includes all amenities in the basic bar set up, a bartender to serve your drinks, plus the addition of four wine selections, six beer selections and spirit setup. Additional time is available at $25/hour. Complete bar packages can be set up as either cash or hosted.  The bar does carry a $300 bar sales minimum.  If the minimum is not hit, a $50 bartender service charge would apply. 

    The host pays per consumed drink, plus the 9% NH Sales tax and 20% Service Gratuity. We will serve liquor, beer, wine, and soft drinks for a stated period of time. Prices for hosted bar are as follows:
    Well Brands: $5.50
    Call Brands: $6.50
    Premium Brands: $7.50
    Domestic Beer: $3.75
    Imported/Microbrew Beer: $4.50
    Wine: $6.50

    Guests will purchase their own drinks at the bar which includes the 9% NH Sales Tax. Service charges are not applicable.
    Well Brands: $6.00
    Call Brands: $7.00
    Premium Brands: $8.00
    Domestic Beer: $4.00
    Imported/Microbrew Beer: $5.00
    Wine: $7.00

    Beer Selections 

    Michelob Ultra
    Bud Light
    Coors Light
    Miller Light

    Blue Moon Belgian White
    Stella Artois
    Harpoon IPA
    Sam Adams Boston or Seasonal
    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
    Newcastle Brown Ale
    Angry Orchard

    Wine Selections 

    Pinot Grigio
    Sauvignon Blanc

    White Zinfandel

    Cabernet Sauvignon
    Pinot Noir


    Absolut Vodka
    Tanqueray Gin
    Bacardi Silver Rum
    Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum
    Jose Cuervo Tequila
    Jack Daniels Whiskey
    Dewars Scotch
    Jim Beam Bourbon
    Triple Sec
    Peachtree Schnapps
    Ketel One or Grey Goose Vodka
    Maker’s Mark Bourbon
    Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey
    Patron Tequila
    Glenlivet Scotch