• Bar Policies

    Great Events Catering of New Hampshire is fully licensed to provide alcoholic beverages for its clients and reserves the right to deny beverage service to anyone they feel is intoxicated or who are not 21 years of age. 

    Off-Premise Bar Package: We provide cups (sturdy plastic), ice, mixers (soda and juices), beverage napkins, stirrers, and all fruit garnish for a per person charge of $5.95.  We can also provide a bartender to dispense the wine, beer and spirits that you provide.  There is a $30/hour charge for the bartender, for a minimum of 4 hours and no longer than 6.  Should you have over 100 guests, we would mandate a second bartender for the event.  If you choose to have guests help themselves, the host is responsible for the liability of any liquor offenses.  We also set up a water station at the bar to be available throughout the night.

    We would be happy to have a consultation with you regarding the amount of beer, wine and spirits you should purchase for your event. If you would like us to purchase the liquor for you, we would have a consultation with you on what you would like to purchase and how much and we would do the purchasing for you and pass through the cost. In addition to the purchasing cost, we would apply a charge for the transportation and labor associated with the drop off of the spirits. A $200 fee would apply for beer and wine only, a $350 charge would be applied for beer, wine and liquor. All items purchased would then be left on site for you since you purchased it.


    We do not provide cash bar services.