• Our Story

    Great Events Catering of NH is the off premise business venture of the McDonough Family, recognized across the state through the Fratellos and Homestead restaurants. 

    In the summer of 1978 Bill & Carolyn McDonough opened their 4th family restaurant in the oldest standing residence in Bristol NH, naming it "The Homestead". Success was immediate and expansion followed to include several additional dining rooms to accommodate extra seating. 

    As a family restaurant, it was natural that the McDonough’s four sons, Mark, Steve, Mike & Chris, all worked in the business, eventually taking ownership of the Homestead. Expansion continued and a new Homestead was opened in Londonderry, and then later in Merrimack. 

    In 1990, during the company’s expansion across the state, the brothers’ bought the Indianhead bank building in Lakeport, Laconia and introduced Fratello’s Italian Grille to their restaurant group. Like the Homestead, Fratello's was so well received that additional locations were born in the Manchester Millyard, Lincoln & most recently in Downtown Nashua. In the Manchester Millyard, one can also find the Fratellos banquet facility, hosting events from 25-180 guests. 

    Through their years of service in the hospitality industry, the McDonough family has always been available to help family, friends and loyal patrons with off premise events, catering corporate events to holiday gatherings, weddings to Reunions. 

    With the increased demand of these events throughout the state, the Homestead and Fratello's decided to expand this foundation and use their wealth of food, beverage and hospitality experience on creating Great Events Catering of NH. 

    Contact us today- let’s make your next event a Great Event!